Rio de Janeiro, Brazil โ€” Heralded as one of the New7Wonders of the World, Cristo Redentor is everything you imagine it to be.

Not only is the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer tall and awe-inspiring, but the 360-degree platform around the statue also affords all visitors jaw-dropping views of the beautiful port city.

In order to see the wonder firsthand, my sister, Hannah Cranford, and I each bought a R$62 ticket ($18.42 U.S.) from a kiosk at Praรงa do Lido near Copacabana beach. The shuttle service, Paineiras Corcovado, provided us a ride to and from the base of Cristo.

Check out more pictures and a video of my experience below:

Cranford - Cristo Redentor

Cranford - View from Cristo Redentor

Cranford - Cristo Redentor2

Have you seen Cristo Redentor? Seen any other New7Wonders of the World?

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