Video: A tale of two Rio rivalry experiences

Cranford - Fluminense x Vasco da Gama1

Photo by Aaron Cranford

By Aaron Cranford

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — Fluminense sure knows how to put on a spectacle in its rivalry matches.

On May 31, Fluminense took down its rival Flamengo in a thrilling 3-2 affair, and Sunday, Fluzão was defeated by its other Rio rival, Vasco da Gama, by a scoreline of 2-1 at the Maracanã.

But make no mistake, no matter the result, the team clad in green and red, and even its hometown rivals, were never silent.

Check out my experiences at both games below:

This is an ongoing series of journal entries, in which I will explain and document my preparation for travel and travel through Brazil in May through August of 2015. You can read each journal entry on The Orange Traveler or on where they will initially be published.

Have you been to a Rio rivalry? How was your experience?

Share your thoughts below.


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