Be ready to sweat some buckets in Manaus

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By Aaron Cranford

Manaus, Brazil — It may be winter in some areas of Brazil, but in the heart of the Amazon, you can’t go a few seconds without sweating buckets.

If you didn’t already know, seasons are not the same worldwide. For example, while New York is experiencing a chilly and snowy January, Rio de Janeiro is enjoying the peak of its summer.

However, as you venture closer and closer toward the equator, seasons become a thing of the past because temperatures do not rise and fall like a bell curve; instead, the sun beats you down every hour, every day, every year, making you sweat in places you never did before.

My first day here in Manaus started early because I wanted to explore while the temperature was not as demanding, but the more I walked around Parque 10 and admired Igreja Nossa Senhora de Lourdes, which was tucked away on Rua 26, the more drained I became.

Cranford - Igreja Nossa Senhora de Lourdes

I brought my water bottle, which was filled well over the 500-milliliter (16-ounce) line, but after an hour, the plastic container was depleted and so was my energy. I couldn’t take the heat any longer, and headed back to Maristela Schittini’s residence — my Airbnb host’s house.

Cranford - Sweat

A few pieces of advice for all who plan on visiting Manaus, bring more than one water bottle, don’t wear jeans or dress pants and maybe buy an umbrella to protect yourself from the giant, yellow death ball in the sky.

It’s hot in the heart of the Amazon.

Have you traveled to Manaus? What did you think of the heat?

Share your toughts below.


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