Aumuehle, Germany — I have been in Germany for almost three weeks now. I spend each day in an elementary school assisting the teacher, interacting with the kids and learning about a different education system.

I am also enjoying spending time with my host family and their children discussing every topic under the sun and experiencing being part of another family. The backdrop to my daily life here has been beautiful countrysides, sweet little neighborhoods and an amazing variety of architecture from old to new. Throughout my stay, I have been able to visit several nearby locations as well as enjoy the city of Hamburg, which is only a half an hour away by train.

Below are some photos taken in different cities and towns of Northern Germany:

LOCATION: Bremen, Germany


LOCATION: Bremen, Germany


LOCATION: Lübeck, Germany


LOCATION: Hamburg, Germany


LOCATION: Hamburg, Germany


LOCATION: Lüneburg, Germany


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Have you visited Bremen or Hamburg? What was your favorite experience?

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