Hell’s Gate, Saba — If you’ve heard of Saba, it’s probably for one of two reasons.

The diving or Mount Scenery.

The latter of the two is the mainland’s major attraction, so be sure to pack your hiking boots.

Difficulty: Moderate-Strenuous (🐐🐐🐐)

While 1,604 steep steps may sound intimidating, they are. Be sure to pack plenty of water, as Selma Neel and I took approximately three liters of water and sipped every last drop before we completed our journey on a warm September morning.

The trailhead signboard says the hike lasts approximately 90 minutes in each direction, but we stood atop of Saba within 80 minutes, which included three or four water breaks on the way up the potentially active volcano.

Lush, green vegetation surrounds you as you ascend and descend, and gigantic taro, also known as elephant ears, are impossible to miss. You have the option to visit two vantage points once you reach the peak, and one requires the use of a rope, which is already safely secured and in position for any traveler to use.

At one lookout, you have a remarkable view of Windwardside, a village on the island. After using the rope to reach the other point, you can peer down upon Hell’s Gate and Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport.

Here are a few pictures of our experience from the Mount Scenery trail:

Cranford - Saba, Mt. Scenery trailhead Cranford - Saba, Mt. Scenery's Elephant Ears Cranford - Saba, From Mt. Scenery Cranford - Saba, Atop Mt. Scenery Cranford - Saba, Mt. Scenery

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