From Venice, to Hamburg, to London.

This is my course of travel for the upcoming weeks. I leave tonight for Venice, Italy, where I will spend three nights visiting my mum, who has been traveling for the past six months. Next, I fly to Hamburg, Germany to begin a four-week study abroad program through the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Finally, I will return home via London, England and spend a week there staying with a close family-friend.

What I am looking forward to in Venice:

Having visited Venice several times previously, there are many aspects of the city that I am yearning for. I want to walk the streets in the early mornings and watch the deliveries being made and the shops opening up. I want to see the fish market and smell the freshness of the catches, from octopus to swordfish. Most of all, I cannot stop thinking about la zuppa di pesce (fish soup) at a particular restaurant that I plan to return to.

What I am looking forward to in Hamburg:

In Hamburg, I will be living with a host family and teaching at a bilingual elementary school. I am not sure what to expect because I have never been to Germany before, but I know that I will be seeing a beautiful city, eating some amazing food and hopefully learning a little German! I am looking forward to making new friends and having unexpected experiences during my four-week stay.

What I am looking forward to in London:

I will be staying with a close family-friend in London, who is one of the most hilarious and fun people I know. I know that she will make my trip exciting and full of memories. However, I will have several days of walking through the city by myself, and I am looking forward to this opportunity to let my interests guide my exploration of a new place.

This is the inaugural post of a series of journal entries, wherein I will explain and document my preparation for travel and travel through Italy, Germany and England from March to May 2015. You can read every journal entry on The Orange Traveler.

Have you visited Germany or England? What was your favorite experience? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.