Aumuehle, Germany — Wurst.

Wurst is probably the food that comes to mind when thinking of Germany, and I have to say that I have enjoyed it a lot. This photo below is from an Easter fire event, and it was cooked on a grill by the local firemen.



Flammkuchen is a dish similar to pizza that originates from France. It is a thin, crispy crust with white sauce and the typical toppings are bacon and onions.



These are teeny tiny creatures that look like shrimp, and they are only found in the North Sea. I ate them on a sandwich early in the morning at the famous Fischmarkt in Hamburg.



This is a tasty street food found at markets or, in this case, at the Dom, which is a huge fair in the center of Hamburg. You get a bag of little deep fried morsels of dough covered in powdered sugar.


Schmalzkuchen from the Fischmarkt.


Latte Macchiato

The latte macchiato is a popular coffee drink that can be found almost anywhere. It is often enjoyed with cake.



Eis simply refers to ice cream, but I have found that Germany does not mess around when it comes to desserts.

Though you can definitely order a modest cone or cup, it is not uncommon to see people of all ages enjoying wonderful ice cream creations such as this one.


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Have you had any of this delicious food? What was your favorite meal in Germany?

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