Cancun, Mexico — The stressful part is over, so now, let the fun begin.

After three flights, one from RDU to Atlanta, the next from Atlanta to Mexico City and the last from Mexico City to Cancun, Quaston and I have finally finished our first day in party paradise.

But first, let’s talk about Mexico City.

So far, my experiences in and over Mexico City have been the worst and most spectacular. My friend and I had to wait in line for more than an hour in order to be checked through customs, and we nearly avoided missing our flight to Cancun. A few passengers who were behind us did miss the same flight, so although we sympathized with the two members who missed the flight to Cancun, we were grateful we made it on in time.

Overall, I hope to visit the city one day, but after flying over the mega-city, I will have to stay months upon years to unearth all of the nooks and crannies Mexico City has to offer.

Houses, apartments, condos, businesses and more stand shoulder to shoulder and even on top of one another. Whenever I fly over U.S. territory, I always notice the cookie-cutter neighborhoods with each house having a similar looking plot of land surrounding the house.

Flying over Mexico City was so unique, I could not stop taking photographs of the city from above. You can see more pictures of Mexico City below.




This is an ongoing series of journal entries, wherein I will explain and document my preparation for travel and travel through Mexico in March 2015. You can read every journal entry on The Orange Traveler.

Have you visited Cancun? What was your favorite experience? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.