By this time tomorrow, I will be in Mexico.

I’m traveling to Cancun for approximately one week to enjoy my final university spring break and relax. I have started packing, and while I know what clothing is necessary to take, I have noticed some important things I am stuffing into my luggage. Below, you can find a list of things I would recommend you to take on a trip to Cancun:

  1. Sunscreen
    • If you have fair skin, like myself, then you must take sunscreen on your journey. Whenever you travel to a beach, you should take sunscreen along, so there is no exception in this case.
  2. A bathing suit.
    • This is another somewhat obvious choice, but I’m here to remind you not to forget your swimwear!
  3. U.S. Dollars or Mexican Pesos
    • In Cancun, the U.S. dollar is widely accepted, so you have the option to bring your common currency or exchange for Mexican pesos. The peso is worth less now than in previous years, so if you want to exchange, do it now.
  4. A water bottle.
    • In my article “5 key items to take abroad,” I listed a water bottle as one of those key items. Many people have heard of Montezuma’s revenge, which is an apparent curse usually caused by drinking water from Mexico, and so, if you are superstitious or want to just be safe, bring your own filtered water bottle along.
  5. A strong stomach and a good friend.
    • Most people my age — 21-years-old — are not going to Cancun to simply enjoy the weather, even though that may be a big part of it. Some simple advice: make sure you always travel around the city with a good friend, and make sure you’re comfortable drinking alcoholic beverages 24/7 before you decide to go.

This is an ongoing series of journal entries, in which I will explain and document my preparation for travel and travel through Mexico in March 2015. You can read every journal entry on The Orange Traveler.

Have you visited Cancun? What was your favorite experience? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.