My single favorite destination in Italy is actually five different but similar lands, Cinque Terre.

In 2013, I enjoyed the spectacular sights of Cinque Terre. The five towns are all nestled into the side of the same coastline mountain. So, in order to travel to each city, we emarked on a ferry, which transported us to and from each city and allowed us to see the beautiful towns at sea.

The photograph above is from a beach on Monterosso al Mar, and the beach’s colorful umbrellas embody the colorful nature of all of “The Five Lands.” You can see a few more of my favorite photos of my first trip to Cinque Terre below:

Cinque Terre - town

We decided to travel by ferry, which afforded us the opportunity to observe how each town gradually climbs up the mountainside behind it. Each town has a small port, where passengers can board or depart the ferry. You can visit all five towns along the coast using the ferry.

Cinque Terre

This is one of my favorite shots simply because you can see how the mountains drop off into the sea. All of the sights are incredible.

Cinque Terre - buildings

This picture shows how similar all of the buildings are in each town. The structure of each building is identical, yet the color of each changes to give the town a magical feel to it.

Cinque Terre - town peeking out

This is my favorite picture from my first visit to Cinque Terre because I could never guess where the next town was waiting until each one peeked around the massive ridges. Traveling to each town was magical because I felt as if I was stumbling upon a colorful town never discovered before.

Have you visited Cinque Terre? What is your favorite city in Italy? Share your comments below.