Walking around the streets of Venice on a hot day makes you parched, and finding a cool beverage becomes a necessity as long as you can buy one for the right price.

In July 2013, I traveled to Venice, which is filled with tourists, street vendors and locals. Because there are so many people who visit the city on water, prices for cool drinks and snacks are high, but using a common routine, we were able to save a couple of Euros whenever we decided to purchase a beverage.

For the most part, prices are not set within a city, and so, you can find one market selling a soda for one amount of money and another market selling the same cola for a different amount.

Similar to how prices for items are more expensive in bigger US cities when compared to more rural areas, prices will vary within many Italian cities. We were able to save money not only in Venice, but also in Florence and Cortona as well.

After walking around in the hot sun-filled afternoon, our party decided we were all craving a soda to split, so we split up, walked down one of the busiest streets and checked the prices of the same one-liter Coca-Cola in each store. The prices varied from approximately 3.5 Euro to 4.5 Euro, and because we thought we could find one at a cheaper price, we continued walking down side streets where there was less traffic.

Eventually, we found two markets across from one other selling the same size soda for about one Euro less, but one had their Coca-Cola refrigerated, and so, we happily purchased the cool cola and quickly gulped it down.

For penny-pinching travelers, you can use this method to save a few Euros. It requires some effort and time, but if you have a strict budget, then finding the best deal will always be worth the time and effort.

Do you have any tips to save money while traveling? How much would you spend on a soda? Share your thoughts in the comments below.