The Atomium is a contemporary wonder, and so, its magnificence cannot simply be explained using words.

Although the structure, which stands in Brussels, Belgium today, was built and eventually opened in the late-1950s, the modern marvel demonstrates the progressive ingenuity of the scientific community and world at large. Other large structures and buildings across the world, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty, do not represent modern achievement quite like Atomium.

I visited it in July 2013, and the whole experience is hard to explain in words. The very first moment I saw Atomium peek behind trees close by to me, I was awestruck by its size and uniqueness, so below, you can find my four favorite pictures and a short video I made of the experience:


When my girlfriend, Selma Neel, and I hopped off the inner-city tram, we walked around for a few minutes, trying to reorient ourselves in the unfamiliar city of Brussels, and as soon as I started to believe we were lost, I looked to my right and saw Atomium towering above the trees close by. I immediately snapped this photo of it.

Atomium - Welcome

Before we went inside Atomium, we were welcomed with a “Welcome” sign at the base of the structure.

Atomium - Workers

As we walked around the giant atom, we noticed a crew working on the structure. The people on Atomium puts the size of it into greater perspective.

Brussels - Atomium

This picture is my favorite of Atomium because the structure is larger than most people realize. The giant atom towers over the rest of the massive city, and its uniqueness makes it irresistible to the eye. If you ever travel to Brussels, you must and most likely will see Atomium.

Have you visited Atomium? What was your experience like? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.