Tampa, Florida — The dates are set. The Orange Traveler will visit Tokyo, Japan, for the first time from March 22 to April 1.

Tokyo was chosen as the next destination for The Orange Traveler by the readers, with the city earning 43.52 percent of the 108 total votes cast. With the dates for travel secured, Japan will become the 14th different country or municipality visited by The Orange Traveler since 2011.

The nations and municipalities I have been to thus far are the Vatican City, Saba, Dominican Republic, Saint Martin, Italy, France, Belgium, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas and the United States.

As I prepare for my journey, I will be in direct contact with Nolan Ruhs, who is currently studying abroad in Osaka. He will be sharing his experiences on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, so follow him for a unique look at the country and what it has to offer.

More information, including where I will be staying in the city, will be made public in the coming weeks. Be sure to follow The Orange Traveler on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for live updates and useful travel information.

What should The Orange Traveler do in Tokyo, Japan? Have travel suggestions or tips? Tell me in the comment section below.