Hell’s Gate, Saba — Despite what you may or may not have heard, the island of Saba does indeed have a beach.

Saba is largely made up of a potentially active volcano called Mount Scenery, so the white sandy shores commonly found on all Caribbean islands are not what you will see when you visit Saba.

Located just below Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, locals and visitors swim in the waters of Cove Bay where a beach has been created. There is a disappearing beach at Wells Bay, but ever since the one at Cove Bay was created, most people swim next to the tide pools at Flat Point.

The water is lukewarm, and a rocky barrier creates a safer, kid-friendly swimming environment, while also keeping too much orange-colored seaweed from washing upon the short shoreline.

Check out more pictures and a video of the beach below:

Cranford - Saba beach4 Cranford - Saba beach Cranford - Saba beach3 Cranford - Saba beach2

Have you visited Saba? Been to Cove Bay before? What do you think about when seeing the pictures and video?

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