Hell’s Gate, Saba — Don’t want to walk the 1,064 steps up to Mount Scenery? Trek a little more than 250 steps, and you’ll find a trail that leads you to one of the most spectacular lookouts on Saba.

Approximately one quarter of the way up Mt. Scenery Stairway, a trailhead signboard, signaling the start of Maskehorne Hill (Mas’ Cahone’s Hill), can be spotted on the left.

Difficulty: Moderate (🐐🐐🐐)

The hike to the vantage point overlooking Windwardside takes approximately 20 minutes from the beginning, and the terrain difficulty is moderate — with some usage of hands required for balance.

The lookout is approximately 1,795 ft. (447 meters) high, and as you walk to the destination, you will pass mossy rocks and plenty of giant taro, also known as elephant ears.

Be wary of where you step, though, because on my hike, we stepped over two small crabs sitting in the shade on the trail.

Check out a quick video of the hike and pictures below:

Cranford - Maskehorne Hill hike1 Cranford - Maskehorne Hill hike Cranford - Maskehorne Hill hike4 Cranford - Maskehorne Hill hike5

Have you been to Saba? Do you like the view from Maskehorne Hill?

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