Rio history buffs rejoice for Forte de Copacabana

Cranford - Forte de Copacabana

Photo by Aaron Cranford

By Aaron Cranford

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — If you’re searching for more to do next to Copacabana beach, look no further than Forte de Copacabana.

The Brazilian fort has many galleries depicting a good representation of the history of the military fortification, so there’s no shortage of information for you history buffs.

However, if that’s not quite your forte (pun intended), the walkway offers visitors an incredible view of Copacabana beach, and you can even stand atop the structure next to a massive cannon, allowing for an even better view.

There’s also one restaurant, a gift shop and one cafe, all moderately-priced, so you can purchase a bite to eat or a beer to drink while sitting in the sun and enjoying the beautiful day Rio. Keep in mind, there’s an entrance fee of R$6 ($1.88 U.S.) for adults.

Check out more pictures of Forte de Copacabana below:

Cranford - Forte de Copacabana3

Cranford - Forte de Copacabana1

Cranford - Forte de Copacabana2

Have you visited Forte de Copacabana? What do you think about the military base?

Share your thoughts below.


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