Relive the 2014 World Cup with a Copacabana mural

Cranford - 2014 World Cup Mural6

Photo by Aaron Cranford

By Aaron Cranford

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — In 2014, Brazil hosted the world’s biggest tournament, and its most memorable moments can be relived, all thanks to one mural on Copacabana beach.

During the 2014 FIFA Men’s World Cup, Brazilian painter Marcos Alexandre Jambeiro was hired by ESPN to capture the tournament’s most significant moments by painting a mural, and one year later, and it can still be seen and admired on a wall just around the corner from Forte de Copacabana.

If you want to see the mural, walk along Avenida Atlântica, or on Copacabana beach if you prefer, toward Arpoador, and before the road veers right, the mural will be on your left.

Check out more images of Jambeiro’s mural below:

Cranford - 2014 World Cup Mural4

Cranford - 2014 World Cup Mural5

Cranford - 2014 World Cup Mural

Cranford - 2014 World Cup Mural2

Cranford - 2014 World Cup Mural3

Cranford - 2014 World Cup Mural1

Cranford - 2014 World Cup Mural7

This is an ongoing series of journal entries, in which I will explain and document my preparation for travel and travel through Brazil in May through August of 2015. You can read each journal entry on The Orange Traveler or on where they will initially be published.

Have you seen Marcos Alexandre Jambeiro’s mural? What do you think of his work?

Share your thoughts below.


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