As of now, there is no United States travel page included because I am an insider looking for an outsider’s opinion of it.

In my inaugural Friday edition, I said that I counted the US as one of the countries that I have visited or been to, but if you look around The Orange Traveler, you will notice that I do not talk about traveling to locations in the US. Even though I may use and write about travel experiences within the US in the future, I personally will not discuss specific destinations within the 50 states unless people want to hear about those places.

That may seem like an odd thing to do because as a member of the country, I would have a solid understanding of how to travel in the US, where to go and what to see, but the reason why I do not discuss US destinations is because of cultural difference and how new cultures or outsiders perceive traveling within the US.

I have not added a United States travel page simply because travel is about exploring the unknown, and I believe that although cities and cultures within the US boast unique traits and characteristics, the country’s nationality bonds everyone within the culture; therefore, the US culture is somewhat known to me. For example, the English language will most assuredly be spoken across the states, and so I will always carry a sense of comfort wherever I travel in the US.

I consider my nationality to be American, so I would be writing in an esoteric manner if I talked about any state or city. Writing in an esoteric manner basically is specialized writing that insiders will know and understand, but outsiders may not like or understand.

There is nothing wrong with esoteric writing, but traveling deals with broadening your worldview and identity, so I feel as though my writing should be developing in a similar manner. Writing about cultures that are different and separate from the United States’ culture helps me develop in that manner.

While an esoteric view is genuine and valuable to a tight-knit group, exoteric experience is unrivaled in that it is new and applicable to many. You can visit New Orleans, Louisiana, Ashville, North Carolina or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and see some explicit differences in the way people converse, behave and interact with others, but for the most part, all Americans act in certain ways.

For one, Americans commonly are respectful of personal space and comfort. Conversely, in another country, such as Italy, you are more likely to sit or stand closer to other individuals. Therefore, if I were to write about travel in the US, I would most likely overlook those commonalities, which would be obvious to the fresh eyes of a foreigner.

I want everyone who reads my posts to experience or read something new, which will hopefully broaden your sense of travel, of the world and of yourself. Writing about travel within the United States would, in my view, not develop those senses as well because the US culture and experience is known and common to insiders, such as myself.

I would appreciate and enjoy reading about travel in the US from an outsider’s perspective because in order to best understand your culture and yourself, you need an outsider to provide analysis as well.

What are your thoughts about travel in the US? Do you have any specific questions about traveling in the US? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.