Hell’s Gate, Saba — If you’re keen to hike and sweat, Saba’s Sandy Cruz trail is the answer.

The Sandy Cruz trail takes you around the whole island, starting in Hell’s Gate and ending at Troy Hill, a neighborhood in The Bottom. It takes approximately 150 minutes, according to the trailhead sign in Upper Hell’s Gate, but Selma Neel and I completed our journey in 130 minutes — which included water breaks and rest stops along the way.

Difficulty: Moderate-Strenuous (🐐🐐🐐)

While the beginning of the trail requires you to ascend, the remainder of the hike around the island is not too difficult. The path is slippery, though, so always be mindful of your steps.

During our journey, we brought approximately one-to-two liters of water, and we polished off all three bottles before reaching our desired destination. I would recommend bringing at least two liters of water on this trip, one liter per person.

Here is a short video of our experience on the Sandy Cruz, as well as a few pictures from the adventure:

Cranford - Sandy Cruz trailCranford - Sandy Cruz, path Cranford - Sandy Cruz, rope Cranford - Sandy Cruz, bench

Have you visited Saba? Does the Sandy Cruz trail seem difficult?

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