Per an AP press release, Arena da Amazônia will host more international soccer games.

FIFA decided to withdraw its own objection to use the multimillion dollar stadium, and Manaus will host matches in next year’s Olympic games. The 2016 Olympic tournament will be centered around the city of Rio de Janeiro, which is the host city for all games next year.

One month ago, FIFA said they did not consider the city’s stadium to be suitable for hosting any matches, and they listed distance as the main reason why Manaus would not see more international soccer. Even though the city is almost 1,800 miles away from Rio, Arena da Amazônia will host men’s and women’s soccer matches next year.

So, a stadium I considered “useless” will now play host to more beautiful soccer. I am excited to visit this city and stadium in the coming months, and with games being scheduled for next year, the facility should be in good working order. I will closely follow the situation, and I hope to hear of other people’s excitement of the decision in the coming months and year.

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