The Bottom, Saba – After living on the five square mile island of Saba for a little more than four months now, I have heard that twice a year the island comes together for it’s two largest events: Carnival and Saba Day.

Though I missed the week of carnival in the summer, I was lucky enough to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Saba Day on Friday, Dec. 4.

People came from all over the island to congregate in The Bottom where the Saba flag was raised, followed by the traditional maypole dance performed by the grade two class of Sacred Heart Primary School.

After the dance, the marching band played and led the procession of onlookers around the corner to the home of the Island Governor where chairs, tents and stages had been set up and adorned with balloons.

The crowd enjoyed refreshments while listening to speeches by Commissioner of Culture Mr. Bruce Zagers, Island Governor Mr. J.G.A. Johnson and Commissioner of General Affairs Mr. Christopher Johnson.

The speeches highlighted the recent progress and achievements of the island, praised the hard work and pride of its people and emphasized the importance to live with peace and harmony in the face of the tumultuous events taking place around the world.

Despite some rain showers and wind, the party commenced with a champagne toast to the gem of the Caribbean — Saba. The guests enjoyed an abundance of food and drink while being entertained by The Occasionals band.

After eating and drinking my fill, I ventured up to the small street fair on Mathew Levenstone Street in the capital, where stalls sold local food, paintings and other goods.

With the sun shining, good music, food, and company, I was happy to be living on Saba and to be welcomed by its people. The Saba Day festivities will continue through the weekend, and another day of holiday on Monday will let us all recover after the party.

So, cheers to Saba, and happy Saba Day to all!

Here are some more images from this year’s Saba Day:

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