Sailing the open sea to distant lands is a tale as old as time, but the experience of traveling by sea to new countries today is available to all eager travelers.

Cruise lines not only offer you the chance to see popular port cities around the world, but also the opportunity to travel the world by sea, which is an invigorating process in and of itself. In December 2011, my family and I embarked on a five-day cruise with our destination being The Bahamas.

We did not know what to expect, especially since none of us, my parents, sister and brother, had embarked on a cruise before, but we were excited to spend Winter at sea and in a warmer climate. Having been to other countries, I immediately made pros and cons of the mode of transportation in relation to flight and train travel, and while all have their ups and downs, the cruise offered a lot more in comparison.

You can check out the five reasons why cruising is better than flying below.

  1. You are not waiting to arrive at your destination, you already are on it!
    • Do you consider flying to be a part of your vacation or an long obstacle in the way of your perfect dream stay? Let’s face it. No one dreams of sitting on a packed airplane for hours. Most people, including me, are too excited to land than to enjoy the marvel of flying. If you cruise, then as soon as you board the vessel, your vacation begins. The transportation is a part of the total vacation experience.
  2. The price.
    • Most people decide to cruise because of the cheap tickets. Of course, long voyages will cost a pretty penny, but short five-day cruises offer a inexpensive alternative for traveling abroad.
  3. The total darkness and sense of isolation at night.
    • While this does not sound fun at first, it is because you have not experienced it. Standing near a railing and looking out into the ocean at night is an invigorating experience. Your boat is surrounded by darkness, whether you look down into the darkness of the ocean or look up at the black sky. The sensation makes you think about isolation and your importance as an individual on this Earth. The experience is eerie, but it makes you develop a better sense of how massive the Earth is in relation to you.
  4. Everything is included, and you can bring a bottle of wine.
    • The price of the cruise is an eye-catcher, but after looking at what is included, it is hard to pass up the opportunity. You have lots of entertainment options to keep you busy while aboard, and all meals are included. While alcoholic beverages are not free on board, you can still bring your own bottle of wine for the ride. So, make sure to bring a big one!
  5. With events scheduled every day, there is never a dull moment.
    • The one aspect about the cruise that surprised me was how many events and shows there were on board. I did not expect so many activities to be available to all of the members, and so, every day was filled with fun until the very end.

Have you traveled the world by sea? What was your cruise experience like? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.