As my flight to Rome, Italy passed over the Alps in 2013, I looked out of my small window and captured four stunning photographs of Europe’s snowcaps.

Usually, I sleep on long flights, which means I miss opportunities to capture wonderful sights from above. Heed my advice, do not miss the chance to take wonderful photographs from inside a plane.

The first photo is the best one I captured during this specific flight. The clouds at the top of the picture are as white as the snow at the bottom of it. The second picture and the one below it were taken in quick succession. They both show the wonderful symmetry of the clouds and the curvature of the mountaintops. The symmetry is perfect. The parallel clouds and mountaintops signaled the beginning of a wonderful journey to Europe.

Take a look at the three pictures of the Alps from above below:

Have you seen the Alps? Which picture is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.