Plane ticket prices usually deter people from traveling, but Ryanair, a European airline, encourages travel with their economical pricing. However, there is a catch.

Ryanair is a low-cost airline and offers cheap flights to and from many major cities in Europe. While in Italy, Selma Neel and I had the desire to travel to another country, and so, we decided to look at cheap flight options. Eventually, we found a flight from Perugia, Italy to Brussels, Belgium through Ryanair.

While the airline does offer cheap tickets, any additional requests will cost more money, and so, you simply must buy a ticket in order to receive the best discount. However, when Selma and I ordered our tickets we booked two side-by-side seats in the emergency exit row in order to have more legroom.

Because we requested specific seats, we did not have to rush to board the flight and pick the best available seat. We calmly watched as people quickly ran to the ramp and dashed toward the best seats available.

If you do not purchase a seat beforehand, you may be one of the last people on the flight and you may have to sit somewhere you dislike. And if you are in a group, you may have to be split up.

Selma and I also watched onboard passengers clambering to and from their seats in order to store their luggage. Because we booked seats and were one of the first few on the plane, we easily stored our luggage before the hoard of people came on.

While on the flight, many buggies were carted up and down the center aisle, and each buggy sold different items, including drinks, food, fragrance, magazines and more. Everything needed to be purchased, and I sat there, watching each and every buggy walk by with more and more goodies. The flight to Belgium was filled with non-stop promoting of their goods and services, and it felt as if I was constantly watching advertisements.

On our return flight, Selma and I realized that the flight experience was going to be similar to what we had experienced before, and so, we decided to sleep a majority of the flight in order to not be swayed or tempted to purchase anything they were promoting.

Overall, Ryanair is a wonderful travel option for penny-pinching travelers because they provide a quick and reliable service for very little money. You simply have to put up with the constant advertising of goods and services.

Have you traveled with Ryanair? What was your experience like? Share you thoughts in the comment section below.